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December 15, 2021
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December 15, 2021

Spruce up with Christmas plants

As the world-altering Covid-19 pandemic evolves, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced it has designated the new strain a “variant of concern” and named it Omicron. WHO says there’s no evidence to suggest that symptoms linked to omicron are different from those caused by other variants.

Scientists say it will take weeks to sort out if the new variant is more infectious and if vaccines are still effective against it.

It is still important to keep safe by washing your hands, keeping a safe distance from others, and boosting your immune system to reduce the risk of getting any infection.

Even in these trying times, we must never forget the true meaning of Christmas and we still have to give thanks to God for life. To keep the theme of good cheer, we can start collecting our trademarked poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima), also known as the Christmas star or Christmas flower.

I am sure by now we are seeing them by the dozens at plant shops in full bloom in all different sizes. They represent good cheer, success, and celebration for the month of December. These beauties grow in red, white, and pink.

In addition, we can spruce up our homes with our Christmas plants such as evergreen plants (mistletoe and holly). Many are opting for the artificial versions of the plants, and these can be found at all home furnishing stores.

To continue keeping the Advent theme alive, use your splash of purples with purple petunias and purple orchids. Pink pentas and pink petunias are perfectly subtle, and for the hint of white: white lilies, jasmines, white orchids, and white roses are all beautiful.

All is not lost for Christmas 2021. I do encourage you all to stay hopeful and trust in the Lord in all things. Keep safe everyone!

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