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December 15, 2021
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December 15, 2021

My Prayer Garden

This class project ‘Season of Creation’ was an idea that became a reality because I love building with my hands and had dreamt of building a safe space at home where my family and I could honour our Lord and Saviour. However, it was more work creating the garden than I had imagined.

The prayer garden was created to attract insects to help with pollination to save God’s creatures and help save our environment. It is a project that taught me more about God, people, nature, and myself. Drawing my idea on paper and sharing it with my dad allowed me to the next step forward.

My Dad [Roland Smith] and I began to collect some concrete blocks which we placed in our backyard in Enterprise, Chaguanas. We created a square using the blocks. We tied two pieces of PVC pipe together to create a cross. My dad stuck it into the mud.

Next, we visited the flower shop and I picked out some beautiful flowers to plant in my prayer garden. Once we got home, I took some flowerpots and began to place the flowers into the pots. I got a beautiful purple cloth from my mom which I hung around the cross.

My prayer garden is a small piece of land sanctified by God’s precious creations making our home a bit more beautiful. Lastly, I printed the ‘Our Father’ prayer, the ‘Hail Mary’ prayer, and a prayer to the Holy Spirit.

This prayer garden holds a permanent position in my heart, and I hope to make it into a prayer sanctuary for my entire family and all who visit our home. — Renaldo Smith