Sunday December 12th: Repent Now
December 12, 2021
Tuesday December 14th: Delivery matters
December 14, 2021

Monday December 13th: Let truth shine through

There can be no compromise with Jesus’ authority.

Matthew 21: 23-27

There can be no compromise with Jesus’ authority – he is Truth incarnate. The coming of God’s kingdom or reign on the earth inevitably leads to conflict – a conflict of allegiance to God’s will or my will, God’s justice or the world’s way of playing fair, God’s standard of absolute moral truth or truth relative to what I want to believe is good and useful for the time being.
How do you respond to Jesus’ claim to be not only the Messiah, but the source of everlasting life and truth as well? Do you submit to his word and stake your life on the coming of his kingdom? Jesus promises that those who seek to live according to God’s truth will find true joy, freedom, and happiness both now and forever.
Lord Jesus Christ, you are the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Let your light shine in my heart and in my mind that I may grow in understanding the truth of your word and find joy and freedom in living according to it.
(Don Schwager)

Photo by Ankhesenamun on Unsplash