Saturday December 11th, Deeper Understanding of Jesus
December 11, 2021
Monday December 13th: Let truth shine through
December 13, 2021

Sunday December 12th: Repent Now

What must I do?

Luke 3:10-18

With the expected coming of the Messiah, there is urgency to put things right.  Repentance is the way to the great communion that the Messiah brings, the healing towards oneness that we do not want to miss. Sparrow called out, “Jane, it is four o’clock in the morning; hear the neighbour cock how it crowing.” Hurry, you do not want to miss the opening sound of the celebration, when the Messiah ‘strike up the band.’

What must I do, now?  This question drills down to the core as a follower of Jesus. It is not the same for everybody. It is not complicated. John the Baptist emphasises the simple and ordinary acts that are required. Then he underlines the sacredness of these simple and basic acts. This is the challenge to his listeners to right relationship, not just with God, but with the neighbour as well.

This is the question of the Synodal Church: how have you walked together, and now, how can you walk together better?  Why have you been so disrespectful with people’s feelings?  Marker, take note!

Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash