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December 7, 2021
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December 7, 2021

DIY: make a sacred space for Advent

By Kevin Allister Garcia

Last week, we went through the steps of preparing an Advent wreath as we journey through this season of preparation to celebrate both our Lord’s birth and His eventual return.

Our Advent readings call us to prepare for Him—to be alert and awake, praying at all times (Lk 21:34–36). We would do well to remember this call, as the Christmas season is usually characterised by the hustle and bustle of cleaning the home, shopping, and gift-giving.

This week, we focus on preparing an in-home prayer space, which, together with our Advent wreath, can help us to keep that spiritual focus in our homes and with our families.

As I had done with my Instagram design mini-series The_Loveseat868, here are some simple steps for creating that in-home retreat, which can be customised and scaled-up to allow greater use and participation by all members of the family.

  1. Choose your location: A quiet location where you can engage in prayerful reading and reflection—one that is away from noise and distractions would be ideal.
  2. Gather your furniture pieces: Some comfortable chairs for you and members of the family, along with a small table or two to accommodate your Bible, hymnal, Advent wreath and other items you will use during your periods of prayer.
  3. Arrange your furniture pieces: If your prayer area will be incorporated into your home décor, you can arrange the furniture in order of height and introduce additional lighting if needed by using a table/floor lamp.
  4. Complete the space with accessories: Plants, candles, family photos or pictures of the saints are some examples that create an inviting and comfortable space that will be conducive to prayer and reflection. One option you could consider, is incorporating purple accessories as it is the liturgical colour of Advent.

The Advent season invites us to prepare our homes while quieting and disciplining our hearts to experience the full joy of Christmas.

For more ideas and guidance on creating these intimate spaces, visit The_Loveseat868 page on Instagram. (www.instagram.com/the_loveseat868).