Synod coordinators meet virtually
December 5, 2021
Tuesday December 7th: Lost, but not Forgotten
December 7, 2021

Monday December 6th: Forgive-Heal-Repeat

Forgiveness begins in the will.

Luke 5:17-26

I want to be like You, Jesus! Then the testing…the misunderstandings, deep betrayals and hurt. Forgiveness was difficult. No servant is greater than His Master I know but still my emotional state overruled.
Forgiveness begins in the Will. I promise in the Our Father: Forgive my sins as I forgive. Yet I could justify in a million ways why I should not forgive. The truth is I hurt God each day. This is what Jesus meant by dying to self.
Unforgiveness paralyses from the inner core, manifesting in disease and ailments.
Confession is the remedy. When I experience this healing grace, I am free. No longer paralyzed by I, I, I. I must also forgive myself; this one can be tricky, since I often set very high bars, forgetting that I am a mere mortal; weak and inconstant.
Lord, may Your healing power free us from our sins so we can move from our comfort zones and become all You created us to be in the midst of our homes. Amen.