Saturday December 4th: We are grateful
December 4, 2021
Synod coordinators meet virtually
December 5, 2021

Sunday December 5th: A voice cries in the wilderness

“Prepare a way for the Lord, Make his paths straight.”

Luke 3:1-6

On April 15, 2013 the Boston Marathon took place and near the finishing line a bomb exploded and three persons were killed and over 260 were injured. One of the injured, Rebekah Gregory, was asked by the federal prosecutors to give a victim impact statement to the jurors who would decide the fate of the bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.
As a result of the bombers’ cowardly actions which unleashed a tidal wave of love for and among the survivors, she told him. “I looked directly at him. I stared at my biggest enemy. ‘You caused mass destruction, but you also brought people together. Nobody’s going to remember your name or your brother’s name. They’re going to remember the survivors. You lost. Your plan to spread hate has failed.’”

Rebekah Gregory, like others who lost loved ones, limbs and hope by the impact of two pressure-cooker bombs, is a voice crying in the wilderness.
Are you?