Sunday November 28th: New Growth Happens
November 28, 2021
Tuesday November 30th: The call – Come follow me
November 30, 2021

Monday November 29th: Astounding Faith

“…just give the word and my servant will be cured.” “…I tell you solemnly, nowhere in Israel have I found faith like this.’’

Matthew 8:5-11

“Where are you Lord?” “Can’t you bring an end to this plague?” “Damned you do; damned you don’t!” Hopelessness besieges many with the unnerving impacts of the pandemic: death of multitudes, overwhelmed systems, flattened economies, increased global poverty and inequality, the future of millions in limbo, see-sawed curtailment, coupled with the unfettered degradation by global warming, ruthless power struggles, the list unending!
The astounding faith of the centurion, a Gentile, is empowering. A man of power and status yet humble and of love. Although a pagan, he was knowledgeable of Jesus’ ministry and had complete faith in Jesus’ power to save. He interceded with a faith-filled request for his servant and an affirmation, “Just give the word”. He knew that Jesus was not encapsulated by presence, space or time and just His word would create the intended result. Jesus was astonished by his faith.
Recognizing and accepting our unworthiness, interceding, appealing for miracles to be granted, exercising absolute reliance on Jesus and manifesting astounding faith, is that not exactly what we are compelled to do?