Tuesday November 23rd: Seek first His kingdom
November 23, 2021
Sisters together again
November 24, 2021

Wednesday November 24th: That path may also lead us to the cross.

“Your perseverance will win you your lives.”

Luke 21:12-19

St. Teresa de Ávila was reputed to have said: “If this is how You treat Your friends, then it is no wonder You have so few of them.” Along this Christian journey, we often encounter painful, difficult and challenging situations. We must simply wait for them to unfold, like a home gardener, must wait with patience and perseverance for plants to grow from seedlings. It is a faith process.
As we look back over this year, I am sure that we can all look at our lives and identify at least one situation, in which we had no choice but to endure, by faith. There, we waited in the discomfort, the darkness, the emptiness and the pain until a glimmer of light returned.
Jesus reminds us that following him will not always be easy. That path may also lead us to the cross. But Jesus gives us words of consolation. “Your perseverance will win you your lives.” We must remember that all things of value, take patience, perseverance and prayer.