Men, Walking in Power with St Joseph Men, Walking in Power with St Joseph
November 24, 2021
Caribbean Theology Conference reflects on significance of Covid-19 pandemic
November 24, 2021

The missing gift

From Msgr Cuthbert Alexander, Seminary Rector

Dear Seminary friends,

You may just have noticed, no talk of the Annual Seminary Dinner this year!

Every year our Christmas Dinner has brought families and friends together for a gala pre-Christmas meal, in support of our seminary which has, for 78 years, formed men to be priests for the Archdiocese and the region.

Last year, due to Covid-19, we organised a takeaway style dinner, with mixed results. This year—still in the time of the pandemic—we chose not to host the dinner at all.

For over 15 years, money raised from the dinner has assisted with the upkeep of seminarians, their tuition, and the utility bills. Although, we have not hosted the dinner this year, we still need your support.

This year marks 60 years since the present seminary building was solemnly blessed and officially opened. Have a family dinner at home this year to celebrate the seminary. While doing so, pray for our seminarians.

Also, you can make a monetary gift to the seminary—perhaps the value of a dinner ticket, or some part of that cost. Why not ask other friends to contribute?

In January 2022, look out for our curb side pick-up dinner and our interactive media event which will allow you to get to know our present seminarians and the seminary’s history.

You’re in the story: we will present easy opportunities to contribute to the seminary’s work.

May you be filled with new and Joyful Hope this Advent Season,

(Cheques should be made payable to Seminary of SJVUM.

For more information call 771-3517.)