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November 24, 2021
A Season of Hope in a dark and suffering world
November 24, 2021

Sisters together again

Reader Lauren Pamponette pays tribute to her mother, Elizabeth and her aunt Theresa, both of whom died on October 30, 2021.

Theresa ‘Lila’ Singh, also known as ‘Nennen’, and Elizabeth ‘Judy’ ‘Juds’ ‘Tants’ Pamponette, my mother, were two daughters of Ivy Diaspia both born in Tunapuna. They had gifted hands as they made magical meals, and experienced joy feeding and seeing someone enjoy their meals.

Lila and Judy both grew up in humble beginnings under the care of their mother, grandmother and uncles ‘Polly’, Dennis (both deceased), and Jap, whom we are still fortunate to have with us.

My aunt and godmother, ‘Nennen’ as she was fondly called by myself and my sister, was the biological mother of six, but was a physical mother of eight and an adopted mother of one.

Between the two sisters, Nennen was the ‘harden’ one—you don’t know harden until you meet her. We were told a story of when they were small, Elizabeth used to walk slowly, so she would get left back but when Nennen reached home without her, she would receive a cut-tail from her mother. Nennen would go back and deal Elizabeth some slaps for making her get licks.

Elizabeth continued to walk slowly after school, and Nennen continued to get licks for leaving her sister behind.

On  October 30, 2021, Elizabeth was sent back for you, Nennen, and I guess you had no choice.

Elizabeth, my mother, married the love of her life, Michael Pamponette. They had two daughters, Lauren (me) and Lisa. On  September 6, 2019, our heavenly Father called Daddy from this earthly life, and since then ‘Mumzie’, whom I will always remember as the most courageous and strongest woman I have ever known, had been missing a part of herself.

My sister and I did our best to keep her happy, but I guess Daddy was ready to reunite with his love. ‘Mumzie’ was kind-hearted and loving. She was loved by everyone she met like Mrs Inez, Mrs Griffith, plus many others.

She loved to cook; she loved cricket (she knew all of the cricketers by name); she loved to see you eat. She would say “full yuh belly” when she cooked pelau; my husband used to call it a ‘meating’.

‘Mumzie’, thank you for the upbringing. You taught us how to treat and to be giving to others, one of your many traits. I’m going to miss our chats especially in the season that is coming up, but I know you are at rest looking down at us. We are going to continue making you proud.

You left us beautiful memories,

Your love is still our guide,

Although we cannot see you both,

You both will be at our sides.

Love You both.