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November 24, 2021
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November 24, 2021

Men, Walking in Power with St Joseph Men, Walking in Power with St Joseph

From the NCMM Secretariat

The Year of St Joseph closes on December 8, 2021, as decreed by Pope Francis. This year was filled with several engagements with men, organised, supported, and endorsed by the National Catholic Men’s Ministry (NCMM).

We began the Year of St Joseph with our 33 Day Consecration to St Joseph that was live on Trinity TV, NCMM’s Facebook and YouTube channel every day for the 33 days.

This journey helped set as an example to all men what true God-given masculinity looks like. The titles of St Joseph in his prayer litany pointed to how men should turn up in their homes, vocations, jobs, communities, ministries, and church.

The NCMM after a deep period of listening and discerning has formulated three Pastoral Priorities that would direct the Ministry into 2022—Evangelisation, Formation, and Missioning of men in the Archdiocese.

Over the past year, the NCMM has been meeting with men who are representatives and/or leaders of men’s groups in each vicariate. These men have been deemed as the NCMM’s Champions of Men’s Ministry.

These priorities have been rolled out to our Champions, who in turn have been rolling them out to leaders of men’s groups and men in ministry within their parishes.

These teams have been empowered to work in their parishes to build the ministry to, for, by and with men. This ongoing process has been a key strategy to ignite or reignite this key ministry in the Archdiocese.

To commemorate the closing of the Year of St Joseph, the NCMM has planned a week-long virtual interface with men in the Archdiocese. This ministry to men begins on November 29 and runs daily up to December 5, 2021.

The theme of the week’s proceedings is Men, Walking in Power with St Joseph. Pope Francis has approved seven new invocations/titles to the Litany of St Joseph. These are: Protector of the Redeemer, Minister of Salvation, Patron of the Poor, Patron of Refugees, Servant of Christ, Patron of the Afflicted, and Support in Difficulty.

A cadre of dynamic speakers and facilitators will engage the men present via Zoom.

It is free and we encourage all to exhort your husbands, fathers, brothers, sons, nephews, grandsons, and male friends to attend this week-long event.

This will be a powerful experience, so don’t miss it!

For further details, the schedule and registration forms see the NCMM’s website, Facebook and Instagram pages or contact our Secretariat.

We’re truly looking forward to you joining us on this journey.

St Joseph, pray for us!


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