Teaching during Covid
November 18, 2021
Saturday November 20th: God wants all to live eternally with Him
November 20, 2021

Friday November 19th: The temple of the body.

The passage speaks to us about addressing personal interior corruption.

Luke 19: 45-48

Jesus cleansed the Temple because they turned it into a robbers’ den. A robbers’ den does not sound like a place for honest people. It connotes images of darkness, plotting, sinister things and evil intentions. In short it is corrupt.

St. Paul described our bodies as the temples of the Holy Spirit. (1 Corinthians 6: 19). If we are like the Temple where God’s grace ought to reside and from where we give witness to truth and goodness and love, then the passage speaks to us about addressing personal interior corruption.

We cannot be corrupt in our thinking, in our emotions and in our desires and think it is okay. Jesus’ action strongly suggests that we do not allow ourselves to become like robbers’ dens. We can and ought to do the necessary spiritual and moral cleansing we need in order to restore proper relationship with the Lord and sincere witness in public life. We must have the courage to cleanse ourselves.

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