Fr Anton adjusts from accountant to priest
November 16, 2021
Virtual tea with the SVP
November 17, 2021

Wednesday November 17th: Gifts to be shared.

I am reminded that our talents are not our personal possessions to what we like with.

Luke 19: 11-28

As I looked at my prayer space, in this month of November, adorned with photos of my deceased parents and siblings, I thought of the giftedness of each one and how their gifts have been entrusted to the rest of our family as we try to keep our family traditions.

Reflecting on this parable of the talents, reminds me that our talents are not our personal possessions to do what we like with, but rather gifts from God to be shared so that they can be multiplied and touch many people.

As I remember those in my family who have gone ahead, I recall our family traditions of openness to all and readiness to gather and celebrate almost every family or community event. I celebrate today this attitude of trust and openness to opportunities that come our way. It is this trust that opens the way for ‘more to be given’ to those who take risks. It is also true that if trust is lacking even the little there is, will be taken away’.
Lord, teach us to trust.

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash