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Southern Vicariate men discuss state of men’s ministry during pandemic

The Men’s Ministries of the Southern Vicariate held a morning of Praise and Worship, on October 2, 2021. Anthony Rawlins of St Michael’s and Zion Men’s Ministries chaired the virtual event.

The opening item was a prayer invoking the Holy Spirit, followed by Praise and Worship led by the vibrant Erin-Los Bajos Men of Light.

Deacon Roy Raghunanan, of Tortuga Parish, proclaimed and reflected on the gospel (Mt 18:1–5; 10), where the disciples asked Jesus, “Who is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven?” Jesus responded with a teaching on the blessings for those who welcome the little children.

Since it was the Feast Day of Guardian Angels, Deacon Roy skilfully added this aspect to his reflection. Firstly, sharing on the roles of angels in guiding and protecting members of the Body of Christ. He then stressed the importance of living the values of love and integrity and being angels to others.

He encouraged men to continue to listen to what God is saying. Deacon Roy stated that we should strive to become the change we want to see, and it should start with the man in the mirror.

Members of the National Catholic Men’s Ministry (NCMM) Leadership Team present were Allan Julien (feature speaker), Leonard Birmingham, and Deacon Lennox Toussaint-Chair.

Julien gave a talk on ‘The State of Men’s Ministries and Where We Need To Go’. His presentation and storytelling were engaging, and highlighted the importance of listening, without distraction, to discern God’s call.

He stated that while there were meetings and other activities being held virtually by some groups, many have not met in the past 18 months, which is a setback with the risk of losing men’s participation, but he understood the challenges.

He emphasised that now is the time to be courageous men of God to seek out, feed and encourage brothers who have suffered emotionally, physically, and financially from the pandemic.

He referenced the courage and deep faith of specific saints, Pope Francis’ Encyclical, Evangelii Gaudium (The Joy of The Gospel) and a few scripture passages to strengthen his points.

In pointing the way forward, he shared on the ‘Three Pastoral Priorities’ identified by the NCMM, which are in their early stages of implementation by Men’s Ministries.

They are: Evangelisation– to seek, find and make new disciples for Christ.

Formation – to create and or support formation opportunities for male disciples of Christ.

Missioning – to foster and energise Men’s Ministry at the levels of the parish, vicariate, and archdiocese.

Prayers of Intercession were offered by various Men’s Ministries.

Forty men attended this event, which was supported by the NCMM. Deacons Raghunanan and Simon Rostant were present. Deacon Toussaint did the closing prayer and final blessing.

St Joseph, Patron of our Men’s Ministries, pray for us!

—Peter Williams, Southern Vicariate.

Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash