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November 17, 2021
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November 17, 2021

New cloak for the Cirío


Cirío de Nazaré, the patron saint of Belém and the state of Pará in Brazil, is celebrated in a grand manner every year on the second Sunday of October in honour of Our Lady of Nazareth. Brazilians in Suriname – and also Surinamese – go to Belém especially for this.

To give everyone the opportunity to also celebrate this festival in Suriname, the Brazilian church has been holding the Cirío on the last Sunday of October for several years now at the Church of Nossa Senhora de Nazaré (Our Lady of Nazareth).

On October 24, Stephane Fereira presented the new coat for the statue. This was her fifth time making the coat. “It takes a week, sometimes a month to make a new one,” Fereira says of the cap with the fine ornaments. This year’s theme for the celebration was The Gospel of the Family is in Mary’s House.

After communion, the new mantle was presented to Glaucia Barbosa, the church’s secretary, and shown to the congregation. Then the cloak was placed over the statue of the Cirío. After Mass, faithful flock to the statue for photos. There is usually a church procession for the celebration of the feast of Cirío de Nazaré but due to the pandemic, the procession was cancelled.

Photo: Charles Chang

Source: omhoog.org