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November 16, 2021
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November 16, 2021

Lady Hochoy Home dealing with Covid-19 outbreak

By Klysha Best

The Lady Hochoy Home, Cocorite is mourning the passing of two of its residents, one of whom passed because of Covid-19.

The Home is currently battling an outbreak of Covid-19, but Sr Ann Joachim Jackson O Carm, a nurse and one of the main staff members at the Home, told The Catholic News on Saturday that so far, everything is under control.

Saddened by the passing of the two residents, she confirmed that the victim, whose death was Covid-related, was a 70-year-old resident who she described as frail.

Sr Ann Joachim said: “Even if Covid had not hit the Home, the elderly woman was already dealing with a weakened body.”

The second death was a 19-year-old male who had kidney problems. His Covid test was negative.

Asked if the Delta strain had been identified among the infected, Sr Ann Joachim said that to her knowledge, “No.”

Sr Ann Joachim, who has been living and working at the Home for the past 18 years, said eight members of staff, 12 adult residents, and three children tested positive for the virus, and they are all currently housed in a separate wing of the Home.

Only one resident was taken to hospital for treatment.

Sr Ann Joachim said as it stands now, they are making sure that all protocols are observed, and they have been getting assistance from some members of the public.

So, what does the Home need currently?

She said they desperately need to have a permanent doctor or doctors assigned to be on call.

Prior to the pandemic, they had a doctor who would visit those unable to go to hospital. This was stopped.

She also revealed that they are currently dealing with the problem of getting medications.

Sr Ann Joachim said: “A lot of our residents are on seizure medication and only a few, have been able to have their prescriptions filled.”

Of the medications in major need and lacking are Cogentin, Epilem and Dilantin – an anti-epileptic drug.

Sr Ann Joachim said it will also help if they can access hospital prescriptions, that way they would not have to purchase.