Saturday November 13th: I will see that she gets justice
November 13, 2021
November 15th: Keeping Focus Monday
November 15, 2021

Sunday November 14th: From nature we take heed

“When you see these things happening: know that he is near, right at the gates.”

Mark 13:24-32

It looks as though I am in the listening mode. People just come up and talk. I took it seriously when the butcher told me, ‘Jesus is coming soon!’  I took a breath and uttered ‘Thanks’. Passing his blade through the tenderloin he added, ‘Jesus loves you’.

I continued listening after I left the shop and surmised that with his sharpened blade, he must have been paying attention to Climate Change conference in Glasgow and heard the blow by blow account of the devastation: the excessive floods and fires, the hurricanes and volcanoes.

I heard urgency in his voice.  When nature collapses, we collapse.  As the earth warms, we roast.  From nature we take heed. It’s time to take stock of our lives: How we have lived? With our neighbours? How have we contaminated the earth and used the earth resources?

The Son of man comes to walk with us again.  He has always been there walking with us. Be aware. A humble walk; respectful and peaceful. Don’t even mash ants.