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November 9, 2021
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CFC’s marriage retreat – we all need some on-the-job training

My wife and I attended a marriage retreat in the comfort of our home. It was a retreat hosted by Couples for Christ and featured ‘The Marriage Course’ by Nicky and Sila Lee. Honestly, I was skeptical at first, but truth be told, it was one of the best courses I have ever attended in my life.

What struck me was, to be granted a marriage license, we just sign a piece of paper, but to get a driver’s license, we need to be trained. To practise as a professional, we must work tirelessly for hours to hang diplomas on our walls; marriage does not get the investment in our time which it deserves.

Why aren’t we given (or using) the tools to allow us to nurture our marriage? After all, aren’t families the nucleus of society?

I was left with an intense feeling that it should be compulsory for every couple to attend a marriage retreat. Needed? Definitely!

We are somehow supposed to know how to make our marriages fruitful and let’s face it, we make mistakes, life happens and sometimes we are just not equipped with the tools to fix some of the problems or issues that arise. We all need some ‘on-the-job’ training.

The course was not like the conventional classroom lectures that we grew up with. It was hosted by real couples in our community and based on a series of engaging, relatable videos with allotted times for private guided conversations with your spouse.

There were no breakout rooms or sharing of your information: microphones and cameras were turned off. It was completely private. These private conversations were between 5 – 30 minutes long.

The videos featured one main couple, along with other couples of various ethnicities and ages. They discussed important topics which on a day-to-day basis you just don’t get time to talk about or know how to.

These included dealing with in-laws; learning to listen, to love, to deal with anger and hurt; how to prevent adultery; and how to communicate about your sex life. Approximately 50 couples enrolled.

The course provided an opportunity to learn about my spouse and provided a safe, controlled space for healing to take place.

Marriage is a sacrament; it is a blessed union of two people, but it is fragile, and the reality is many marriages fail.

Ultimately, my wife and I were given the tools and methods not only to keep the status quo, but to continue to grow and thrive. After the retreat we felt so light and free, and now…. more in love.

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—Peter Gopaul