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November 9, 2021
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Catholic Standard Editor remembered for his constancy


The funeral service for Colin Anthony Smith, Editor of Catholic Standard, took place Friday, October 22 at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Brickdam. The funeral service was conducted by Msgr Terrence Montrose.

In his homily, Msgr Montrose noted that it is the task of the prophet to turn the world back to God, and that Smith found himself in the right place —the newspaper— which was a way of meeting people and calling them back to God.

“His editorials, and all the things he did, were a way of living the prophetic life…. We thank God for our brother Colin… he was a prophet of our times, a man who was not afraid to tell the truth, to call his brothers and sisters back to God… talking about Justice, and Love, and Peace.”

Smith passed away October 16, aged 70. An animal lover, Smith’s demise was the result of a bite several months ago by a stray cat. Despite being under the care of a doctor, the wound did not heal, but got progressively worse. He underwent the amputation of the affected leg on October 4. His condition progressively worsened, resulting in his death.

Smith was the editor of the Catholic Standard for the last 25 years, having succeeded Fr Andrew Morrison SJ (Editor 1976–1995). Appointed Editor in 1996, Smith was the first lay person to hold that position and was the second longest-serving Editor of the Standard (the first being Fr John Joseph Purcell, Editor 1908–1939).

A journalist of many decades, Smith was originally in formation to become a Jesuit priest. He produced the Catholic Broadcast radio programme for many years, and was also a correspondent for the BBC Caribbean Service when it was in existence.

According to a Catholic Standard report, he was a devoted husband to his wife of some 35 years, Pamela Smith.

Bishop Francis Alleyne OSB noted: “A character trait of Colin Smith that stands out for me in my memory is that of constancy. I met Colin when I came to the Diocese in 2004. He was the Editor of the Catholic Standard and also produced a short programme on the radio every Sunday – a clear and well enunciated message. Colin saw to it that the pages of the Catholic Standard were filled each week. Each week he did the layout, printing, and delivery; all very quietly, behind the scenes but there it came, the next edition of the Catholic Standard….”

The edition of the October 15 issue says— Editor: Colin Smith. The bound copies stand there as a legacy; one man’s work and attention, ensuring that local and international Church news, letters, editorial, instructions in the faith, feature articles would reach the readers every week. An admirable testimony of dedication, faithfulness, commitment, and constancy.

Naomi Collins is the Acting Editor. If appointed she will become the first female Editor of Catholic Standard.