Our Beautiful Churches: St Vincent Ferrer RC, Moruga
November 5, 2021
November 7th: Giving all Sunday
November 7, 2021

Saturday November 6th: Let us Serve Him

“You cannot serve God and wealth”

Luke 16: 9-15

Today’s passage is a mixture of very different phases of life. However, behind them all there is emphasis on the quality of life we are living, If we are to make good decisions about the balance that is required between our spiritual growth and the circumstances of our lives.
We can easily lose out on the actual value of our lives if we get too caught up in the here and now of everyday life, or even the everyday life portrayed through social media by the famous or not so famous.
We should seek to carve out time now to be in the presence of God who loves us, laying aside other distractions and anxieties or rather bring them before God.