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November 3, 2021
Audrey celebrates a century of life
November 3, 2021

Like vintage wine, Jocelyn turns 90

Steeped in family religious tradition, Dr Jocelyn Hezekiah’s 90th birthday celebration began with a celebratory Mass on October 13. Family friend, Fr Leslie Tang Kai, travelled from Tobago to do the honours.
Given that the official pandemic precautionary regulations were being rigidly enforced, numbers were understandably restricted. Notwithstanding, friends of long standing and relatives made their way into the Santa Cruz hills to pay tribute to the lady.
Compared by a friend to aged cheese and vintage wine, sparkling Jocelyn has lived between Trinidad and Canada for well over 60 years. She is, however, here more often than not, and hers is an ever-ready presence at music festivals, Christmas concerts and, I am told, at selected Carnival fetes! Her Trini spirit is indomitable.
There is no contradiction. She is a woman of strong faith, following, as she has, the doctrines of her Church. The Hezekiah name is synonymous with the Church, and as the sister of the late Fr ‘Reggie’ Hezekiah, Jocelyn is an avid practitioner of the religion. Perhaps that partly explains her youthful appearance and spiritual strength.
It is true that she is a medical professional, having practised nursing and nursing education for over 60 years in Canada. She loves life because she loves people! She has a heightened sense of the noble and anyone who meets her immediately recognises that nobility nicely balanced by her wit.
Some of Jocelyn’s primary and secondary school friends were especially pleased and grateful to be in attendance to celebrate this milestone. Fr Tang Kai was ably supported by the angelic singing of Lesley Lewis, accompanied expertly by renowned pannist Johan Chuckaree.
We in the International Reading Fraternity join in wishing Jocelyn God’s continued blessings as she goes bravely into the coming years. — Laurel Ince