‘I knew I wanted to be a Religious Sister’
November 1, 2021
Party done, answering God’s call
November 2, 2021

Tuesday November 2nd: I will not reject anyone who comes to me

For this is the will of my Father.

John 6: 37-40

Today the Church celebrates All Souls Day to pay attention to all the departed. We all at some time have lost a loved one and recognize the pain of that loss. We ask ourselves a lot of questions including why? Jesus in today’s Gospel is giving the assurance that He will receive everyone who comes to Him. This is deeply assuring, of course. This is further strengthened by His words that it is the will of the Father.
In spite of all our faith it takes a great deal to be able to understand death. John is certainly helping us by sharing the words of Jesus, so that we must not be afraid. By His becoming man and His sacrifice, we are assured of the Resurrection and Eternal Life. The thief on the Cross who asked to be with Him in Paradise was welcomed.
Let us therefore ask Almighty God to keep us focused on Him so that when our journey comes to an end we can be welcomed by Jesus to Eternal Life.