Sunday October 31st: That they may be one
October 31, 2021
Which saints are honoured on All Saints Day?
November 1, 2021

Monday November 1st: The Beatitudes

Where do I fit in?

Matthew 5: 1 – 12

Today as we celebrate the saints and our call to holiness, the liturgy presents us with the Beatitudes. To me this includes those who weren’t canonized, would have never thought themselves as holy but whose goodness was clear to those around them.

I saw a joke recently, a man asked God for his purpose in life. God responds that purpose is a manmade concept to give meaning to the time spent on earth. After thinking for a bit, the man responds, so you don’t know either!

Jokes aside, Pope Francis invites us to read the Beatitudes “perhaps a couple of times during the week, in order to understand this beautiful and secure path to happiness that the Lord proposes to us.”

The question I find myself meditating on is where do I fit in here?

I pray, as I reflect on these values, that I see and be thankful for where I am already blessed and strive for better in those areas where I may still fall short.