Saturday October 30th: The Sin of Pride; the Virtue of Humility
October 30, 2021
Monday November 1st: The Beatitudes
November 1, 2021

Sunday October 31st: That they may be one

“To love him with all your heart, with all your understanding and strength, and to love your neighbour as yourself, this is far more important than any burnt offering or sacrifice.”

Mark 12:28-34

Understand that there are many functions in God but three are most important and taken on by Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Others are important yes, but we have to look at our human limitations to understand.

We should love God with everything we have, our whole being, because he entered our life first by his breathing the breath of life into us. He has an intimate relationship with us and calls us to return to it.

He also calls us into a marriage from the very beginning of creation and it is the reason for the Son coming into the world as a human being. If we look closely at Sacred Scriptures we will see that it is his will to ‘marry’ us. It is our response through the Holy Spirit working in us that will determine the outcome.

Sometime we wonder why our world and our personal and family life is in such a turmoil. A very simple fact is not loving God our creator and Father. This is why Jesus points out to us that God is the one Lord and no one else. He calls us into an intimate relationship with him that leads to a marriage. Having the first and second Commandment as one, means that he is revealing himself to us and reminding us of the Ten Commandments. Also he is saying to us that we cannot love ourselves nor know ourselves fully unless we love God. So too we cannot love others.