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October 25, 2021
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October 26, 2021

Tuesday October 26th: God’s Spirit will add ‘water’ to our ‘yeast’

“It is like yeast that a woman took and mixed in with three measures of flour until the whole batch of dough was leavened.’’

Luke 13:18-21

Jesus uses two mundane analogies to show us that we can help bring about and experience the kingdom in our present-day situations. The kingdom often starts off small as a mustard seed or grains of yeast. These grains of yeast when mixed with flour can create bread to feed many. The more we live in the small kingdom experience, the more it is revealed to us.
The pandemic has provided us with opportunities to contribute to the growth of the kingdom. To do so, we must remain humble and docile to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. It is God’s Spirit who will add the ‘water’ to our ‘yeast’ to make us grow so that others could benefit as we become gifts to and for them.
We can become leaven by doing little things faithfully, even if only for a few. In this new era, may we find time to check on the elderly, the physically and emotionally isolated; to love deeply, to share smiles as well as our breadbaskets.

Photo by Klaus Nielsen from Pexels