Church History: Smallest Chapel in the Archdiocese
October 22, 2021
Sunday October 24th: That Faithful Cry.
October 24, 2021

Saturday October 23rd: The sign of the barren fig tree

‘It may bear fruit next year, if not then you can cut it down.’

Luke 13:1-9

Jesus followed his warning to turn away from sin and not allow it to corrupt our minds and hearts with an illustration and story (parable) from nature and farming.

Jesus’ parable depicts the patience of God, but it also contains a warning that we should not presume upon God’s patience and mercy. God’s judgment will come in due course – very soon or later. Jesus’ parable of the barren fig tree illustrates his warning about the consequences of allowing sin (wrongdoing) and moral corruption to take root in our hearts and minds.

We must turn away from sinful atttitudes and sinful habits and turn to God for his transforming grace and power to change us.

Lord Jesus, increase my hunger for you that I may grow in righteousness and holiness. May I not squander the grace of the present moment to say “yes” to you and to your will and plan for my life. (Don Schwager)