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October 21, 2021
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Meet the synod team for the Archdiocese of Port of Spain

Dr Ruby Alleyne

The synod can only be successful with full participation of everyone including the persons whose voices have not been heard over the years.

“This is an opportunity and a responsibility being given to each one of us to participate in the universal process of listening to what the Holy Spirit has to say to us; it is a personal responsibility which we hope that each member will take seriously,” said Dr Ruby Alleyne, co-lead of the team which will be spearheading the consultations throughout the Archdiocese over the next two months.

Alleyne along with the other members of the team were named Sunday, October 17 following the Mass at Living Water Community Chapel, Port of Spain. Archbishop Jason Gordon was the main celebrant and launched the synod in the Archdiocese. Fr Urban Hudlin OP concelebrated.

The other members of the team are: The other members of the team are: co-lead Gregory Mc Guire, Margaret Richardson, Dennis Hamid, Ronald Tagallie, Hanif Benjamin, Renee Smith–Communications Officer Catholic Media Services Ltd and Fr Hudlin.

Co-lead: Gregory Mc Guire


Margaret Richardson


Dennis Hammid


Ronald Tagallie


Hanif Benjamin


Renee Smith–Communications Officer Catholic Media Services Ltd


Fr Urban Hudlin

Alleyne explained within the next two months, the team will reach out to parish communities, groups and individuals. “We ask you to pray, to reflect and to listen to what the Spirit is saying to you, and when the call is made to the different communities and parishes, to participate in that conversation and to share what the spirit is saying so that the Church will be guided by the future that we envision for the Church of God.”

She asked for God’s blessing on the work the team will be doing and thanked God for His mercy and the opportunity to serve the Church.

“We ask you and invite you, and plead with you and encourage you to encourage others to join in this conversation and to make this a truly rich experience for our Church and for us as Catholics.”

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