30th Sunday in OT (B)
October 19, 2021
Thursday, October 21: The purifying fire
October 21, 2021

Wednesday, October 20th: Entrusted with much

Read today’s Gospel. Luke 12: 39-4

God wants us to answer His call and to step into the light.

Have you ever participated in the “egg-and-spoon” race? If so, then you can identify with the sheer panic of being entrusted with something important, yet fragile- to carry. It takes a skilled person to reach the finish line with everything intact. Likewise, through our baptism, we have been entrusted to carry a divine assignment, which is sometimes fragile.

If we are not careful, silly distractions, fear, pride and even the actions of others can derail us and thwart God’s plan. God chooses to partner with us to establish his kingdom on earth. He will sometimes make us wait. He gives us that grace period to shed those habits which do not serve our mission.

In the meantime, He will equip us with the knowledge, skills and experiences we need to fulfill our assignment. God wants us to answer His call and to step into the light. Now is not the time to cower, hide our talents or remain in the background.

Lord, when you come, may you find me to be a faithful steward.