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October 19, 2021
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October 19, 2021

Students addressed on World Mission Sunday

Archbishop Jason Gordon addressed thousands of primary and secondary Catholic students in a virtual setting October 14. The theme for his address was, “We cannot but speak about what we have seen and heard” (Acts 4:20), which is the theme identified by Pope Francis for World Mission Sunday 2021 (October 24).

He told students, “God gave you a mission through His Son Jesus Christ—to learn how to love God and to help the world to know what love really is. Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross is the example of true love—sacrificial love—given to you by God. Thus, when you perform acts of love or others, you follow Jesus.”

Archbishop Gordon said, “When you were baptised, you became a child of God, who is in Christ and Christ in you in a very, very special way. Now, God sends you into the world to teach others what true love is. God has given you a sacred mission and that mission involves sacrifice. There is no true love without sacrifice.”

He added, “Once these sacrifices are done every day, they become a habit; and love is a habit. We can do something beautiful for God, Trinidad and Tobago and each other if we make a sacrifice each day, because we will be in the habit of loving and in the habit of being better human beings. We will be people who experienced God’s love and give this love to others.”

The Archbishop also led students in brief moments of reflection and prayer during the session. He gave examples of loving sacrifices students can carry out in their daily lives and asked them to make a sacrifice every day for God’s sake—to perform one loving act to say thank you for all the loving acts God has done in their lives.

The Archbishop’s address can be viewed on the Eternal Light Community Prayer Meetings Facebook page and YouTube.