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October 19, 2021
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October 19, 2021

Short Story: “A rainbow of hope”

Ottrisha Carter, a parishioner of Coryal released a collection of short stories titled, Creeping towards a New Dawn, in 2020.

The five stories narrate the lives of struggling individuals and families and shows how God assisted them.

“As they [the characters] open their hearts to God’s healing grace and love they recognise how their pain and suffering played an important role in helping them to reestablish their relationship with God.”

The following is an adaptation of the story ‘The Rainbow of Hope’ (with the author’s permission).

“Andrewlitono, I have just used the last potato and carrot for the vegetable soup for Andrewlita!” his wife shouted.

“Okay, I’m happy once Andrewlita gets a bowl of soup,” Andewlitono responded with a sigh of relief.

“What is she going to eat tomorrow then?” his wife questioned in a demanding manner. “I’m going to see if Mr Murray has organised my salary for the past two months,” he answered with a frustrated voice.

“Mom, you do not have to be so hard on Dad all, the time. He is trying to make ends meet,” Andrewlita intervened.

Andrewlitono and his family lived in a little, wooden shack in the squatters’ area called Lampros. Squatters took over this entire area as they were unable to afford land to build their homes in the Koreana community.

A small number of wooden shacks, huts, and cabins populated this area. The tall, green bushes and trees surrounded these homes. Colorful birds flew freely in the deep, blue sky as the sun shone brightly on these humble villagers who tried to live simple lives.

Recently, Andrewlitino had gotten a job at the Tamanitana forested area. The Murray family, a rich family in Tamanitana hired him to work on their land, but they refused to pay him his salary after two months of intense work.

“We cannot fulfill our promise of paying you one thousand dollars at the end of each month,” Mr Murray explained to Andrewlitono, with no expression of remorse.

“What did you just say?” Andrewlitono responded as he clenched his teeth. “People warned me about you, and I still gave you the benefit of the doubt! I trusted you, and I worked tirelessly for you for two entire months!…What am I going to tell my wife? How am I going to provide for the needs of my sick daughter? Are you crazy?”

Mr Murray walked calmly away without responding to Andrewlitono.

As Andrewlitono walked away disappointed, he looked at the acres of land opposite the Murray’s home where he spent the last two months cleaning and planting fruits and vegetables.

The grafted oranges fell to the ground as the trees were overladen, and there was no one to pick them. On the other side, a swarm of flies took over the red pomerac fruits as the juice inside seeped out as they fell from the high branches of the tree.

The full light-green and healthy lettuces filled the front of the land while the green, red, yellow, and orange pimento peppers added a splash of color. The colors of the pomerac, oranges, lettuces and pimento peppers created a sense of confusion in Andrewlitono’s mind as he admired his work but could not believe what Mr Murray had just told him.

On numerous occasions, Andrewlitono has asked Mr Murray for a couple of the fruits and vegetables on his land, but Mr Murray made him understand he was not going to pay him and give him produce from his land for free.

Suddenly, Andrewlitono thought of the Fredericana family in the community of Koreana….This family was well-loved in their community …As he approached the little, wooden gate in front of their home, he stopped for a few minutes to reflect on his recent experiences with Mr Murray.

Okay Andrewlitono, it’s time to move on now. What am I going to say to Master Miguelito? He thought to himself.

As Andrewlitono raised his head and looked up, he saw a beautiful rainbow. Rainbows had always brought good luck to Andrewlitono’s life since he was a child.

As an adult, he associated some of the colors of the rainbow with someone or something that meant a lot to him. The color red reminded him of his deceased father’s courage, while the color blue represented his deceased mother’s blue eyes. The color green represented his love for vegetation. Yellow was his daughter’s favorite color, while the color orange meant a lot to his wife. Andrewlitono knelt to the ground and acknowledged his parents’ presence in his midst. He knew that something positive was going to happen to his family.

Does Andrewlitono’s life improve and how did God manifest Himself to Andrewlitono?

Read the full story and others by contacting Ottrisha Carter at 778-5154, or email ottrisha.carter16@gmail.com for a copy of Creeping towards a New Dawn.