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October 11, 2021
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October 12, 2021

Tuesday October 12th: The Pharisee in Us

Invite Jesus to make our hearts clean…

Luke 11:37-41

What type of cleanliness is Jesus talking about? He is talking about holiness, being close to Him. So, what makes a person ‘clean’ according to this gospel passage? Letting love prevail inside you then acting out of that place of love and encounter with Jesus.
You see, there is a bit of ‘Pharisee’ in all of us, as, it is easier for us to act by rote than to try to change our hearts. We go to church, genuflect, sing the hymns, do our daily prayer – we observe all these ‘rituals’ – but what is the state of our hearts. We do not allow these holy rituals to change us from the inside. The Pharisee invited Jesus to dine at his house but his heart did not allow him to truly appreciate the presence of Jesus and be changed by that meeting and fellowship with Christ.
Instead of our being obsessed with externals, let us invite Jesus to make our hearts clean and then, act from that place of love.