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October 12, 2021
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October 12, 2021

Laptops, tablets for Penal students

A few secondary school students and some students from the three primary schools of St Dominic RC Parish, Penal are indeed in a better place this time around during this period of virtual learning.

Thanks to the JB Fernandes Memorial Trust Foundation, they have been the beneficiaries of a Device Loan Programme sponsored by them and managed by the Parish with the able support of Fr Robert Christo, Parish Priest.

Le Anne Alexander, Philanthropy Advisor, Donor Services, acting on behalf of the Foundation took up the cause of a few anxious parishioners and saw it to fruition.

As such, some 80 devices (a combination of laptops and tablets) have been provided and assistance is being given to some households where there is no connectivity for students to access their online classes.

This will no doubt supplement the sterling efforts made by the respective school principals in outfitting their charges for online school.

We thank God for the work of the Foundation as they continue to impact lives in low-income and deprived areas. —A parishioner