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October 7, 2021
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October 8, 2021

“Thank you” Sr Thérèse Dookeran

Denise Scott

I first met Sr Thérèse in 2012. She was a deeply caring soul who was feisty and always down for a little mischief. Needless to say we instantly connected. I saw why generations of youths and young adults in Trinidad and Tobago, many in their 40s and 50s now, can testify to her hand in their development as young Catholics in the Archdiocese of Port of Spain.

Sr Thérèse spent a large portion of her 50 years in service to youths through her involvement in various elements of youth Ministry including, World Youth Day, Christ Our Redeemer, Youth for Christ and Couples for Christ and Youth 2000 in the Archdiocese but she also did a lot of work throughout the Caribbean, including Antigua and St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The little nun with a bump in her step and always ready to participate in a good joke but not afraid to give you a quick buff, was always there with a listening ear and many respected her for her visionary leadership.

Many could not make it to this joyful celebration, so we decided to continue the celebration. Here are a few other greetings for our beloved Sister T.


Nigel Oliver

Happy golden anniversary, Sr T! As we worked together in the ministry of COR, I have always been in awe of your energy and spirit. What you have contributed to the youth of this Archdiocese has been a blessing, and the guidance you have given to me personally will always be in my heart. May God continue to bless you. Love always.


Rawlson Paul

It’s a pleasure to have worked with Sister Thérèse for a few years, as she would say “I was better for having heard from you”, and what an example of how to out do each other with love. God has graced you with 50 wonderful years of service. Thank you for your friendship.


Leticia Rodriguez Cupid

“It only takes a spark to get the fire going… ” So begins our COR Song ….’Pass it on’! Never will this song be sung without evoking a smile on the faces of those whose lives have been touched by the COR Weekend Experience… but also… never will those memories be without the image of SrThérèse Dookeran! Sr T. Abundant blessings and love to you on your the celebration of your Golden Jubilee! You have touched the lives of many over the five decades of your faithful and loving service! Thank you for your legacy of loving service and your contribution to our youth and young adult ministry! May God’s grace and blessings continue to be showered upon your life!


Phillip Gittens

May God reward your decades of loyal service to Him, our Archdiocese and especially our youths, with a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction that you’ve laboured in His vineyard fruitfully. May He bless your golden years with peace and holiness.


Allyson Roberts

Congratulations to a unique beautiful blessed child of God. She answered His call to serve and did it fervently and in so doing won several souls for the Lord. Sr Thérèse , you are really loved and I thank God for your input and mark you made in my life. May you be filled with the constant joy of God’s love and great health. Happy 50th anniversary.