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October 4, 2021
Working to end the unequal world of mental illness
October 5, 2021

Tuesday October 5th: Martha And Mary

Lord, let me be the best of Martha and Mary.

Luke 10: 38 – 42

Dear Lord, please let me the best of Martha and Mary.
I know how good it feels to go on retreat and only focus on God and my relationship with The Holy Trinity. It is something I tried to do each year (that was pre-COVID-19).
I also know that, there are things to be done. Volunteer work is an example of something I truly believe God asks of me. Do underprivileged children have devices to participate in online learning? Do they have note books? What about food?. This is when I need to be like Martha and serve.
My prayer is for balance. I truly believe I need the guidance and comfort I get from prayer, especially contemplative prayer. Sitting at the feet of the Lord is calming. It reduces stress and after a retreat I feel renewed.
I also need the practical side, as the beatitudes directed.
I pray for discernment and wisdom to find the right balance.