Sunday October 3rd: Together as one
October 3, 2021
Catholic educators “happy” as face-to-face classes resume
October 4, 2021

Monday October 4th: Who is your Neighbour?

“Love your Neigbour as yourself”

Luke 10:25-37

Today’s reflection is on The Parable of the Good Samaritan, well known in Christian circles. We know that while the three Jewish leaders passed the man by, it was the Samaritan who reached out and cared for him.
Meditating for preparation of this reflection, my thoughts went to modern times, Trinidad, city centres. What if Jesus were now sharing this parable? No doubt He would be speaking about the homeless, street dwellers: those persons we all as Christians pass by everyday making negative comments.
On Sunday last I was touched, when after the SSVP Mass at the Cathedral for the Memorial of St Vincent de Paul, a gentleman handed his tea box and water, received after Mass, to the man sleeping at the Cathedral gate. A Good Christian indeed!
Street dwellers are today the men robbed on the street, not necessarily physically, but of their human dignity. So next time you pass one by, ask the question, “Do I love my neighbour as myself”?
Father God, open our hearts to serve our neighbour.