Moving Day
October 2, 2021
Monday October 4th: Who is your Neighbour?
October 4, 2021

Sunday October 3rd: Together as one

‘So then, what God had united, man must not divide.’

Mark 10:2-16

Marriage is the relationship between man and woman from the very beginning. They were to live in harmony, equality and complement each other. This applies to all relationships.
During the 1990 coup, the late Archbishop Pantin sang our National Anthem as a reminder to all, that though we are diverse as a nation, we have shown the world we can live in harmony, equality and complement one another. For Jesus, competition, intolerance and disagreements are not the blood flowing through relationships.
Bishop Clyde Harvey said in the Catholic News: “We have to be able to say man/woman relationships are not just there by fluke. It is there because there is something about it that is absolutely precious. What has happened is that society has given up on male/female relationships and the Church is not going to convince society otherwise by saying ‘the Bible says’. That has not worked,” he said.
Who is working to bring people together as one, in harmony, equality and complementing each other?