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October 1, 2021
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October 2, 2021

Saturday October 2nd: Childlike Humility

Rejoice rather that your names are written in heaven

Luke 10: 17-24

I call pride one of the sneaky sins. The seventy two disciples return jubilant and excited to tell Jesus all that happened on their journey: a simple enough act, being proud of your accomplishments and wanting to share it.

That simple sense of satisfaction can grow to false manifestations or mistaken priorities and lead us to value ourselves according to our success. Jesus reminds the disciples and us that the deepest joy comes from knowing that we are loved by God.

Why then is it that these fundamental truths are revealed to mere children? Perhaps because the so called ‘wise and intelligent’ are self-sufficient and believe they have nothing more to learn whereas children are now starting out and are open and eager to learn and be nourished.

I pray that I am like a child before God and ask for an open and humble heart that the Lord may reveal himself to me.

Photo by Larm Rmah on Unsplash