Visio Divina for women: Thursday, Sept 23
September 22, 2021
A mere percentage point
September 23, 2021

Thursday September 23rd: The truth shall set us free

God’s truth cannot be suppressed

Luke 9:7-9

Now when reports of Jesus’ miracles and teaching reach Herod’s court, Herod became very troubled in conscience. He thought that John the Baptist had risen from the dead! Herod sought to meet Jesus more out of curiosity and fear than out of a sincere desire to know God’s will. He wanted to meet Jesus – not to follow him but to prevent him from troubling his conscience any further.
We can try to rid ourselves of guilt and sin by suppressing the truth or by ridding ourselves of anyone or anything that points us to the truth. No power on earth, however, can remove a guilty conscience or free us from slavery to sin – only God can set us free through the atoning sacrifice which his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ made for us on the cross. ( Don Schwager)