Monday September 20th: Overcoming Jealousy
September 20, 2021
Archbishop Jason Gordon celebrates a decade shepherding  
September 21, 2021

Tuesday September 21st: Mercy, not Sacrifice

*It is the sick who needs the doctor not the healthy*

Matthew 9:9-13

Many times we hear people making comments about someone in ministry ‘I know his/her story’, (often referring to a sinful past). All of us are sinners and need God’s mercy, so when we feel that we are better than others and have not had a past like others, we are not availing ourselves of God’s mercy and so will not be agents of mercy for others.

Today’s Gospel commemorating the feast of St. Matthew, the tax collector who became an Evangelist, speaks to us about mercy, leading to conversion and then to proclamation of the Kingdom.

God is love and merciful to all. To be an effective evangelist, disciple, and to be truly converted we must have received God’s mercy and so share this mercy. Remember, there is rejoicing in heaven whenever a sinner comes to Jesus.

Lord Jesus, we come before you as sinners seeking your mercy. May we share the mercy we have received to all whom we encounter. May we be companions on this journey towards you our God. Amen

Photo by Olga Kononenko on Unsplash