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September 21, 2021
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September 21, 2021

Bishop addresses Covid-19 outbreak at diocesan senior citizens’ homes


Bishop Clyde Harvey of St George’s-in-Grenada has issued a statement, September 14, concerning the Covid-19 situation at the senior citizens’ homes, which are part of the Ministry to the Aged by the Diocese.

The Diocese is responsible for three homes: Hilarion Home (Sauteurs), Hillview Home (Gouyave) and St Martin’s Home (Crochu). Since 2020, these Homes have been operating under restrictions geared towards reducing the possibility of being directly affected by Covid, and they have largely remained free of the virus, as has most of the rest of Grenada.

Unfortunately, “the situation has changed drastically over the past two weeks, and we are now witnessing the ravages of the virus in all of the Homes,” the statement said.

As of September 14, the status of the infection in the Homes indicate: eight confirmed Covid-19 related deaths with an additional two deaths, the cause of which cannot be confirmed at this time, at the Hilarion Home.

Of the remaining 21 residents, 16 are confirmed positive for the virus. Six of the residents have been fully vaccinated. The compliment of 16 staff members has been reduced to six, with ten in isolation at home. Eight of the regular staff have tested positive, the statement said.

At Hillview Home: Two deaths have been confirmed as Covid related, with eight residents confirmed positive active cases, two of whom are vaccinated. Six of the 24 residents have been fully vaccinated, the statement said. It mentioned that of a staff of 26, ten are fully vaccinated with another three having had one dose. Of the seven positive cases, five are fully vaccinated.

There are no recorded Covid related deaths at the St Martin’s Home, the statement said. There are however seven positive cases. Of the 27 residents, only five have not been vaccinated.

The statement continued with Bishop Harvey expressing gratitude to those who have helped in various ways, including those who have sought to keep all informed as to what they thought is going on at the Homes.

“We thank God and our staffs for the 18 months we have had without critical problems. In my view, this is not a time for blaming, shaming or recrimination. The only thing that matters now is to get the situation under control for the benefit of residents and staff….”

With the significant reduction in staff at the three Homes, maintaining the staff-to-resident ratio has now become a major challenge, the statement said.

To this end, Bishop Harvey appealed to anyone who is a registered nurse or caregiver or retired health professional and is willing and able to assist staff in this crisis to contact the Bishop’s Office — 1 (473) 443 5299 or 1 (473) 440 2542 or their parish priest.

Bishop Harvey also extended condolences to all those who have lost loved one in the Homes and elsewhere. “…May God lead us on. As believers, COVID means for us Christ is Our Victory in Disease and Distress,” he said.