Saturday September 18th: Patience is virtue.
September 18, 2021
Monday September 20th: Overcoming Jealousy
September 20, 2021

Sunday September 19th: Who is the greatest?

‘If you want to see a true star in God’s eyes…look no further than this child.’

Mark 9:30-37

Today’s gospel brings to mind a famous quotation. “The greatness of a nation is measured in the way it treats its weakest members.” This is a difficult lesson for us to learn today, in an age which idolizes movie stars, pop music icons and sports idols.

It’s also a difficult lesson for Jesus’ disciples, who were caught arguing over which of them was the greatest. In response, Jesus set a child before them and placed his arms around him, almost as if to say ‘if you want to see a true star in God’s eyes…look no further than this child.

I have often asked myself why Jesus held children in such high esteem. Probably because they were not cynical, held no grudges and were open to being taught. Generally, children are not as ‘sour’ in their outlook on life as adults.

Lord, help us to discover the child in us. Teach us the things that truly matter. Help us to release our pettiness and grudges, Amen.

Photo by Larm Rmah on Unsplash

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