Poem: Mary, Mother of God
September 17, 2021
Sunday September 19th: Who is the greatest?
September 19, 2021

Saturday September 18th: Patience is virtue.

Society seems to be strongly influenced by instant results.

Luke 8: 4-15

Society seems to be strongly influenced by instant results. There appears to be intolerance when favourable results are not seen quickly. The parable of the sower in today’s Gospel paints a different picture. We meet a sower who was generous with his sowing. Seeds fell on different types of soil but he was not deterred because he knew eventually seeds will fall on rich soil and l produce their crop , some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty.

This parable reminds me of teachers who journey with students, not giving up but waiting patiently for the seed to eventually fall on rich soil and produce abundant fruit. I think of parents also who are generous with their love, sowing seeds of care, good advice and their own example. Often they saw no results but kept on sowing and waiting until the seeds eventually fell on rich soil and produced their harvest.

Thank you Lord, for the example of St. Monica who continued sowing the seed and eventually her son, St Augustine fell on fertile soil, Amen