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September 17, 2021
Saturday September 18th: Patience is virtue.
September 18, 2021

Poem: Mary, Mother of God

Alicia Hankey

By Alicia Hankey

Mary is the Church’s universal mother,

Pure and beautiful as a rose petal flower,

To some she is the mother of good counsel,

She crushes the head of satan and protects you with her blue mantle,

The rosary given by Mother Mary is an armour against all evil,

Embracing her in our life only makes it beautiful,

You see she is one who understand life’s pain,

As she saw her only son going through great suffering,

She is given the title ‘Our Lady of Sorrows’

As by the prophecy of Simeon told long ago,

A woman to be described so loving, courageous, and obedient,

‘Let it be done unto me according to thy word’ commonly echoed in her fiat,

She is a powerful intercessor and the connection she has with her son is very magnificent,

Jesus answering the prayers of His mother shows us how He is Omnipotent,

But don’t get caught up by intercessor and mediator as its often misconstrued,

Know your Catholic faith and believe what you practice is the truth,

The rosary is powerful, and it can be just what you need

It will surely help you accomplish good deeds

Thank You Mary for leading us to your son Jesus,

Its an honour, a privilege to be guided by someone so awesome