Blended learning in South/Central
September 14, 2021
The journey of a young catechist
September 14, 2021

Growing Beyond The Pews

This Adult Faith Formation seven-week series hosted by Andrew Fernandes, Northern Vicariate Catechetical Coordinator was designed, as the name suggests, to help persons to “grow” beyond and out of the pews and become missionaries of the Faith.

It was not a workshop, seminar, meeting, or talk-shop; rather, it was a journey, one with depth and purpose.

The participants or “pewists” as they were called—a term Andrew used to refer to those who experience the Faith within the pews, were taken on a personal journey investigating ways of “being a better Church”. But first they had to see themselves as the Church and learn how to own it.

It was not an easy task for many, as they were moved to confronting their own intimate challenges with God and the church (people). Others used this as an opportunity to reunite with God and recommit to becoming a better person and a missionary disciple.