Sunday September 12th: Second Wind
September 12, 2021
Tuesday September 14th: Exaltation of the Cross
September 14, 2021

Monday September 13th: I am unworthy

I am not worthy to have you enter under my roof.

Luke 7: 1-10

I love the Lord, I really do, but I was always very conscious of my unworthiness. Although many would see me a good catholic woman based on my deeds, my unworthiness was something that I consistently walked around with. Who am I to be so blessed or lucky, how dare I ask for more?

So in my times of trouble, I struggled to pray for help. This gospel reading reminds us that sometimes when you can’t pray that it is good to build a network of people who would pray for you. The Centurion’s friends were able to tell Jesus of his goodness. Like parents and grandparents who pray for their children and grandchildren.

What I know for sure is that we are all unworthy, but if we ask for God’s help in faith, he can can renew our lives, and it is our faith that brings us the rewards of eternal life.