Know Your Faith series helps us understand Intercessions
September 10, 2021
Sunday September 12th: Second Wind
September 12, 2021

Saturday September 11th: Digging Deep

Let us lay our foundation on Love.

Luke 6: 43–49

Today’s gospel speaks directly to that horrible incident in 2001 which ended in the collapse of the World Trade Centre towers. We are called to listen to God and to act on His word, not our own notions of prejudice and hatred. We are called, in the building up of ourselves and our societies to dig and dig deep – to lay our foundation on Jesus, our Rock. Jesus reminds us today that what we show to the world, what we produce in our lives, what we say to others, comes from within.
We are called to build our house on the solid tenets of our faith. What is this house we are building? We are building the Kingdom of God – in our hearts, in our families, our workplaces, our society, on social media and in the world. Let us clear away wrongful judgment of other and lay our foundation on Love.