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September 8, 2021
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September 9, 2021

Thursday September 9th: Bootcamp for Disciples

‘Be compassionate as your Father is compassionate.’

Luke 6:27-38

Have you ever taken on a challenge to accomplish some type of fitness goal – lose a little weight, learn to do push ups, ran a 5K maybe, eat healthier? Then you know that the experts recommend starting off small for the best results. Incremental gains keep motivation up. Small wins are what they are called.

Well, it seems our Lord was not into baby steps. He lays down the plan for what is essentially discipleship bootcamp. Love your enemies; bless those who curse you; turn the other cheek; ignore the man who robs you; lend your things without expecting anything back. Really?! It’s a tall order for any saint, much less for those of us who struggle to even get our prayer life up to scratch.

Good training programmes encourage you to gauge progress against your last best milestone. For disciples in training, we who are sons and daughters of the Most High, we are to measure ourselves against our Father in heaven. Our eternal goal is to be like Him.