Suicide Prevention Month: Lord Hold Me
September 9, 2021
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September 9, 2021


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By Valerie Bethel

I sure everybody here know about the woman in Proverbs 31 According to the Bible she is described as one in a million. More precious than jewels and worth more than rubies She is so good she don’t give nobody no set of worries. When she talk, you get pearls of wisdom for sure From her mouth is pure kindness. That is her law. No slip of the tongue or giving people piece of she mind A more charming woman is hard to find. She not uncouth, rough, vengeful or cold But peaceful, loving, kind; a real gentle soul.


She clothed with strength, and don’t talk about dignity

She is a woman of class, of high standard and great quality

She so confident she does laugh without fear of the future

Because she know she put her trust in the Lord and Master

Yes things may not always happen according to plan

But there is no shaking the faith of Proverbs 31 Woman

Solid as a rock, she standing firm on her values and conviction

Whatever test come her way she will pass with distinction.



That is woman. In she her husband have deep trust

She not only virtuous but is also very industrious

Using her hands, day and night she working

Making sure she husband and children ent lacking nothing

She have a heart for the needy and helpful to the poor

And will never turn away anybody at her door.

Always accommodating and willing to share

This Proverbs 31 woman really know how to care.



It is from observing her that the Bible draw this conclusion

And make this pronouncement for our edification.

Beauty is empty, empty and charm is a real deceit to the eyes

And you have to take note of this if you want to be wise

The woman who put her trust in the Lord is worthy of all praise

Because she faithful, dutiful and upright in all her ways

So the qualities of the virtuous woman was ordained by the Almighty

Because all of us women have to strive to be holy

And so the women of the Bible you will hear about today

Have qualities of that woman in their own inimitable way


But wait! Before I go I have something else I want all you to hear

Something I find in the Bible and I think I have to share

I read Proverbs 21:19 and this is what it have to say,

And it sounding like a warning for us gathered here today

It say that it will be much, much better to live in a desert land

Than to spend your life with a quarrelsome and fretful woman.

Yes, these women in the Bible are shining examples with lessons to teach

We only have to aspire to be like them and have faith because it within we reach.

So hear nah, all of we who know we does nag and could be disagreeable

We better watch weself you know, and follow their example.