September 9, 2021
SEA pupils enjoy success after hard work and sacrifice
September 9, 2021

Guys in poetry

Photo by ugurlu

As we honour Season of Creation Month this year, we remember these masterpieces from last year’s The season of Creation Challenge [2020]

Love is why children smile

Love is why clouds decorate the sky

Love is why waters flow

Loves is why flowers grow

Love is why trees bear

Love is what conquers every fear

-By Angelo Kurbanali

I know what you are wondering…who is the lucky girl? Right? Well, it was a dedication to a mother, uh kinda, well am… to Mother earth! Taken from Angelo Kurbanli’s winning piece in the season of creation challenge 2020. This breathtaking piece connects with our love for everyday things and our love for the planet. (Makes me want to give Mother Earth a kiss)


In my opinion

We should all make a simple decision

To change our nasty ways

So that we can all gain some more days on earth

By Dojon Richards 

Men and poetry go way back! Writing down their thoughts in words that can bemuse us is as old as time, but not all guys write weepy and sweet words to sweep a girl off her feet, some of them are brash and in your face like Dojon Richards who is just calling us out and saying we should change our nasty ways.


The threat to the earth is somehow underrated

Not only the planet but we too are affected

We unknowingly contribute to our own extinction

But only some of us give it recognition

( yeah why yuh so nasty?)

By Zion H Vallerilla 

Lucky for us the Franciscan Institute’s fourth annual Season of Creation Challenge is back on this year and you have a chance to tell it like it is with your style of poetry writing with this year’s theme: A home for all? Renewing the Oikos of God.


Wondering why we their ancestors

Could not keep our oath to protect the biosphere, to give them

Our descendants a better life? Isn’t what I’m saying not right?

Sometimes I wonder

If the earth had a voice what would it say?

What would it say about the environment we decayed! What will it say!


By Nicholas Cadogan

If you have a love for reading or writing poetry then this is definitely the place to be.

Youth Speak wanted to share the work of some of our Male winners from Trinidad and Tobago in the poetry category last year in the hope of inspiring more young men to participate this year, but you only have two weeks to get in the ring as this year’s competition comes to a close on 23 September, 2021.

If you think you have what it takes check out the details HERE